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Laurence F. Abbott, Ph.D.

Professor of Physiology & Cellular Biophysics

Mathematical modeling and analysis of neurons and neural networks.

Current Research

My research involves the mathematical modeling and analysis of neurons and neural networks. Analytic techniques and computer simulation are used to study how different conductances contribute to the electrical characteristics of a neuron, how neurons interact to produce functioning neural circuits, and how large populations of neurons represent, store, and process information.

Selected Publications


Pandarinath, C., O’Shea, D.J., Collins, J., Jozefowicz, R., Stavisky, S., Kao, J.C., Trautmann, E.M., Churchland, M., Kaufman, M.T., Blabe, C.H., Nuyujukian, P., Sorice, B., Sarma, A., Eskandar, E.N., Ryu, S.I., Hochberg, L.R., Henderson, J.M., Shenoy, K.V., Abbott, L.F. and Sussillo, D. (2018) Inferring Single-Trial Neural Population Dynamics Using Sequential Auto-Encoders. Nature Methods 15:805–815.

Enikolopov, A., Abbott, L.F. and Sawtell, N.B. (2018) Internally-generated predictions enhance neural and behavioral detection of sensory stimuli in an electric fish. Neuron 99:135-146.

Schaffer, E.S., Stettler, D.D., Kato, D., Choi, G.B., Axel, R. and Abbott, L.F. (2018) Odor Perception on the Two Sides of the Brain: Consistency Despite Randomness. Neuron 98:736-742.


Abbott, L.F. Angelaki, D., Carandini, M., Churchland, A., Dan, Y., Deneve, S., Dayan, P., Fiete, I., Ganguli, S., Harris, K., Hausser, M., Hofer, S., Latham, P., Mainen, Z., Mrsic-Flogel, T., Paninski, L., Pillow, J., Pouget, A., Svoboda, K., Witten, I. and Zador, A. (The International Brain Laboratory) (2017) An International Laboratory for Systems and Computational Neuroscience. Neuron 96:1213:1218.

Rubin, R., Abbott, L.F. and Sompolinsky, H. (2017) Balanced Excitation and Inhibition is Required for High-Capacity, Noise-Robust Neuronal Selectivity. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 114:E9366-E9375.

Eichler, K., Li, F., Litwin Kumar, A., Park, Y., Andrade, I, Schneider-Mizell, C., Saumweber, T., Huser, A., Eschbach, C., Gerber, B., Fetter, R.D., Truman, J.W., Priebe, C.E., Abbott, L.F., Thum, A., Zlatic, M. and Cardona, A. (2017) The Complete Connectome of a Learning and Memory Centre in an Insect Brain. Nature 548:175-182. PMC5806122.


Sussillo, D., Jozefowicz, R., Abbott, L.F. and Pandarinath, C. (2016) LFADS - Latent Factor Analysis via Dynamical Systems. arXiv:1608.06315.

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